Sheffield Peregrines

For 2015 a lot of people at the University of Sheffield worked together to get a second webcam into place to provide a panoramic view of the nest platform on top of St. George's Church. The 'double vision' proved very popular and these two webcams remain in place.
Thanks go to colleagues in EFM and CiCS, in particular Ian Knowles, Paul Leman, Jim Lonsdale and Phil Riley.
The adult birds have been visiting the site regularly through the winter and we're hopeful that 2016 will be the fifth successful breeding season.
In each of the last four years, the same pair has laid four eggs and raised two (2012), three (2013), four (2014) and two (2015) young to leave the nest.
The webpage has proved very popular over that time, with well over a million visitors, and we hope this year brings as much enjoyment to viewers from around the world.
If you would like to know more about the birds as the season progresses, have a look at the Sheffield Peregrines blog, which is run in conjunction with the Sheffield Bird Study Group.

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