Sheffield Peregrines

Welcome to the Sheffield Peregrines Webcams. Since they first bred in 2012, the Peregrines of St George's have become an established feature of Sheffield's skyscape, enjoyed by many across the city and well beyond through these cameras, the Sheffield Peregrines blog and @SheffPeregrines Twitter account.

With your help we can provide more opportunities for people to learn more about these amazing birds as well as carry out important research. You can support the Sheffield Peregrines Project by donating through our Virgin Money Giving page.

Click on this link to learn more about the plans for the project and to donate:

Visitors to the webcam are now in the millions, while the Peregrines blog has had well over half a million visits, both attracting people from over 100 countries around the world.

The University of Sheffield has supported the project in various ways, notably via the nestbox and webcams, and particular thanks go to Ian Knowles, Paul Leman, Jim Lonsdale, David Wood, and Phil Riley.

The adult birds remain around the St George's area throughout the year, but are most evident from January through to the end of the breeding season. Visits to the webcam can be rewarding at any time, though the months of March-June are when the breeding activity takes place and views are more or less guaranteed.

If you would like to know more about the birds throughout the year, have a look at the blog which is run in conjunction with the Sheffield Bird Study Group